I consider teal to be a must have color in every woman’s closet. Teal can be the focus of a look or bring an outfit to life!  I have put together 3 easy looks that incorporates a splash of teal in your everyday styles.


I think casual is the easiest outfit for teal. You don’t need heels, you don’t need to be dressy, you just need to be you. You may be going to a cookout or to the mall with friends, so whatever you are doing you need to make sure your feet are happy and your not trying to be causal.


The first thing you need is…a ROMPER. I know some people hate them but bare with me here. If you take a romper like this cute one I found at Jc Penney, you are already off to a great start. MNG by Mango® Sleeveless Crochet-Back Romper is currently on sale for 55 bucks (which is a lot better then 80, am I right or am I right?)


Now, yes this has a belt with it but there is no law saying you have to use it. So why not use a teal one? Replace it with the Ready, Set, Bow! Teal Bow Skinny Belt at Lulus for only 11 bucks.


Honestly I think this is all that you need to bring out this outfit but IF you want to be daring, I would add something simple. Teal does not need to be in your face all the time so adding a simple watch or bracelet can be enough. So for the women who love a cute watch you can go for something like Geneva Platinum at Overstock for 25 bucks or the Rhinestone watch for the extra daring for $35.  For the women who are not hip to watches much like myself try this awareness bracelet (nothing wrong with supporting a cause) at Bravelets for 35 dollars. $10 from each purchase will be donated to Ovarian Cancer National Alliance which makes the purchase worth it!



One of the hardest parts about being a business woman is that we often feel like we have to choose between being fashionable and taken seriously. Just because you’re a CEO of a mega corporation doesn’t mean you have to lock away all things colorful and pretty and break out the boring and “sensible”.  Why not pair a simple and sensible black skirt with some teal and for under 100 bucks?


The Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt in Black can be found at one of my ultimate favorite place to shop Modcloth for only $49.99. The knee length makes it perfect for the office and flow of it makes it fun.


You can add a splash of teal to this by using some teal nail polish much like this one from Justfab for $5.95. Teal polish is a great and simple way to add a hint of color to your ensemble!


However you don’t need to stop at the nail polish. Add in a simple crop top much like this one I found at Charlotte Russe for $5.49. I know what you are thinking, Why would you wear a crop top to work? It’s all about your body length! Not everybody has a long torso so crop tops don’t also expose a large amount of skin and if you add it to a high-waisted skirt much like the Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt in Black you will be just fine.


Now, lets talk about shoes, just because you want to be fashionable doesn’t meant you have to wear the highest heel in existence. Don’t get me wrong, I am a “keep your heels and your standards high” type of girl but lets be reasonable here! You’re running all over Manhattan in and out of business meetings, you need sensible (and stylish) shoes like the Defined the Scenes Flats at Modcloth for $30 (told you I love modcloth). They are simple, colorful and office appropriate!


Date Night

So you have a date coming up and you have no idea what to wear. How about a simple and classic little black dress? Seems like a no brainier until you realize you have no idea how to accessories it. You want to look like you just threw it together but not really…well I have found that must have outfit  for just under 70 bucks.


The Faux Leather Skater Dress from Forever21 already is the perfect date night dress and the price isn’t bad either ($29.90). However, not everyone can pull off the little black dress on it’s own. This is were you add in a splash of teal!


This 6″ heel really brings out this little number (and gives great length to your legs too!) Yolande can be found at JustFab on sale for 13.95 and adds the perfect splash to really make this outfit pop.


But WAIT what about the wallet? I found this GREAT wallet made by Adnama Nampahc for just $20 dollars. This is the extra added splash that we need to complete this look. Strut Your Stuff Wallet can be found at Adnama Nampahc